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Power Plant Maintenance, Operations & Monitoring
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We can train single individuals or entire companies with our vast array of courses for a power plant operator. We offer power plant maintenance, operations and control room training. Offering over 300 courses, we welcome corporate accounts and have large discounts and corporate billing available.  

In addition to power generation, we also offer power distribution courses, power transmission courses and NERC training.

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Power Plant  Course Descriptions

7701 Plant Maintenance for Operations: Maintenance Management
 The objective of this course, the first in the series on Condition Monitoring, is to focus attention on the overall maintenance task, the different levels of maintenance required, and the development of Predictive Maintenance with its attendant need for 'condition monitoring'.

7702 Plant Maintenance for Operations: On-Line Condition Monitoring
 The objective of this course is to present and discuss supervision of the hydro generator including control, monitoring, and protection. Included is a review of the significance of active and reactive power output from the generator.

7703 Plant Maintenance for Operations: Vibration Monitoring and Analysis
 The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of vibration in machinery, including modes of vibration measurement. Typical examples of vibration analysis are presented, plus an introduction to the technique of balancing.

7704 Plant Maintenance for Operations: Non-Destructive Examination Techniques
 The objective of this course is to present an overview of different types of NDE testing techniques which are performed on mechanical equipment. Various techniques are demonstrated, noting their suitability for identifying particular types of material defects and degradation.

7705 Condition Monitoring - Electrical Testing I & II
 The objective of this course is to present and discuss the types of electrical tests being performed today for condition monitoring of large high voltage equipment such as generators and transformers. This includes "off-line" and "on-line" testing. The participant should be able to understand the following concepts, and employ these in work activities.

7706 Liquid Analysis
 The objective of this course is to present and discuss techniques of liquid analysis in order to collect data for condition monitoring of equipment. In particular insulating oils, lube oils, and water analysis are dealt with. After completion of this module, the participant should be able to understand and apply the following concepts in day-to-day activities.

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All of These Courses Are $65- $85 Each

7701 Plant Maint for Operations: Maintenance Management   4.0
7702 Plant Maint for Operations: On-Line Condition Monitoring   4.0
7703 Plant Maint for Operations: Vibration Monitoring and Analysis  4.0
7704 Plant Main for Operations: Non-Destructive Examination Techniques  4.0
7705 Condition Monitoring - Electrical Testing I & II   1.5 
7706 Liquid Analysis  1.5 
5114 Response to Abnormal Conditions 2  4.0 hrs
5115 Power System Operation: Communications   4.0 hrs
5116 Power System Operation: Protective Relaying  4.0 hrs
5117 Power System Operation: Normal Operating Hazards & Safety 4.0 hrs
5118 Emergency Conditions and Disaster Recovery  4.0 hrs
1101 Control Performance Requirements  4 hrs
1102 Emergency Operations NERC & Regional  Coordinating Authority E & W  4 hrs
1103 High Voltage and Power Systems Operations Review  2 hrs
1104 Synchronizing Islands and Rebuilding Grids  2 hrs
1105 Underfrequency and Undervoltage  2 hrs
1106 Voltage Control Review  2 hrs
913 Efficient, Reliable & Environmentally Sensitive Operations  3 hrs

9901 System Operations Review Part I  6 hrs
9902 System Operations Review Part II  4 hrs
9903 System Operations Review Part III  2 hrs
7501 Review of Fundamentals  2 hrs
7502 Power Transmission  2 hrs
7503 System Voltage Control  2 hrs
7504 System Frequency and Tie-Line Control  2 hrs
7505 Power Dispatching  2 hrs
7506 Power System Stability  2 hrs
7507 Operating Under Abnormal Conditions  2 hrs
7508 System Restoration  2 hrs
7509 Monitoring and Control Communications  2 hrs
7510 Transmission System Protection  2 hrs
7511 Electric Utility Deregulation in North America  2 hrs
7514 Controlling to NERC Standards: Interconnection Operation  4 hrs
2501 Gas Turbine Major Components Design & Construction 2.5 hrs
2502 Gas Turbine Support Systems  2.0 hrs
2503 Operation of Gas Turbines  4.0 hrs
2504 Control and Protection Systems  4.0 hrs
2505 Aero-Derivative Gas Turbines  4.0 hrs
2506 Gas Turbine Routine Maintenance  2.0 hrs
2507 Gas Turbine Major Maintenance  2.0 hrs
2508 Combined Cycle Operation  4 hrs
2509 Gas Turbine Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)  2.0 hrs
2510 Gas Turbine Generator and Electrical Systems  2.0 hrs
7401 Co-Generation and other Turbine Cycles  4.0 hrs
7405 Boiler Control (Operation, Environmental, Chemical)  4.0 hrs
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7411 Combined Heat & Power Systems  4.0 hrs
7410 Power Plant Maintenance  4.0 hrs
7409 Plant Auxiliary Systems  4.0 hrs
7408 Power Generation  4.0 hrs
7407 Steam Turbine Operation & Control 4.0 hrs
7406 Steam Turbine Construction  4.0 hrs
7405 Boiler Control (Op, Env, Chemical)  4.0 hrs
7404 Boiler Operation  4.0 hrs
7403 Fuels and Combustion 4.0 hrs
7402 Steam Production  4.0 hrs
7401 Co-Generation & other Turbine Cycles 4.0hrs
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