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1106 Voltage Control Review
1104 Synchronizing Islands and Rebuilding Grids
7519 Bulk Electric System Restoration I  2* hrs

1103 High Voltage & Power Systems Operations Review 2 hrs
1104 Synchronizing Islands and Rebuilding Grids  2 hrs
1105 Underfrequency and Undervoltage  2 hrs
1106 Voltage Control Review  2 hrs

Electrical Fundamentals &
Combined Cycle Technology Series  Course Descriptions

Electrical Fundamentals
7101 Basic Electricity
Over the last century or so, electricity has become an increasingly important and integral part of our daily lives. Knowledge of the fundamentals of electricity and application is increasingly necessary not only for those of us who work in the electric power industry, but also for the general public.
In this four-module program on electrical fundamentals, we introduce for study the general physics or basic natural laws that govern the use of electricity. This material will serve as a solid foundation on which to build the more advanced concepts dealt with in our many other training programs. In presenting this material, we have tried to limit mathematics and complicated calculations, preferring instead to demonstrate concepts by the use of powerful animated graphics.

7102 Properties of AC Circuits
In this part the discussion turns to methods that can be used to produce a DC voltage and suggests why AC voltage is easier to handle; how a rotating magnetic field induces voltage and current into the stator winding and what a stator is. It also distinguishes between RMS values and maximum values and names which is used most often and for what end.

7103 Power and Power Factor
While it is true that the larger the impedance, the larger the regulation for any given amount of load, what is meant by saying that a transformer is perfect or ideal? Why does the inductive reactance of the transformer occur? And what happens to the secondary voltage if the load is removed?
In this part, you will calculate impedance and voltage drop across the various elements of a circuit; study the effects a change in the power factor can have on the active, reactive, and apparent power demands of a load; describe what happens when a capacitor is placed across the terminals of a motor, and discuss how to increase load transfer along a line.

7104 Three Phase Systems
Once the generator is synchronized and on line, it locks itself in and remains in synchronism unless an abnormal condition occurs. Our discussion of electric power so far has involved voltages and currents being generated in single-phase operation, but electric power is normally generated, transmitted, and distributed in the form of three-phase power, as discussed here.

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Basic electricity, electrical fundamentals, electric power plant training
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7101 Basic Electricity  2.0 Hrs
7102 Properties of AC Circuits  2.0 Hrs 
7103 Power and Power Factor  2.0 Hrs
7104 Three Phase Systems  2.0 Hrs
7100 Electrical Fundamental Series Package
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The Electrical Fundamentals training series gives an introduction to the theory of electricity and the basic concepts of Ohms Law. It also discusses the fundamental characteristics of AC circuits and explores the concept of power and the factors affecting it.
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enroll in electrical fundamentals
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